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Tech, business, traveling, and being a dope human pretty much sums me up. Get to know me and enjoy the content :-)

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New York City Web Developer David Velez

A software engineer and tech entrepreneur living in the greatest city on earth...New York City (of course)! Although I'm often traveling to or from some of the coolest cities on earth, there really is no place like NYC!

I love traveling, being silly, having fun, and enjoying life! If this is your first time here, this site is a little different since I'm into a whole bunch of different things and am often finding myself exploring new cities across the globe and creating new experiences, so besides loving tech and being a real geek, i'm also super passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals by implementing a solid technology strategy, so the overarching theme here is that of an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs through technology, although on occasion I'll also post about my other interests (which are usually traveling, photography, or coffee), but overall I aim to keep my content both fun and informative.

This is more than a blog. I keep track of everything I learn and experience from books, articles, speeches, and life events in general, and publish it here so you can enjoy some pretty cool content and hopefully learn from time to time as well. Whether you're into coding, photography, or traveling around the globe, I hope you'll join me on my many adventures as I share my journey for your reading pleasure.

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